Liqueur Agency's core business remains in Malaysia, where approximately 75% of our Molasses demands are generated by local customers. However, the company has made steady progress in exportings and 25% of our Molasses are now shipped to Hong Kong and Singapore.

To ensure that our fulfillment of an order is always timely and reliable, Liqueur Agency has its own appointed transportation agent which is well experienced in the delivery of Molasses

By Bulk / Tanker

All tankers used are specifically for the delivery of Molasses ONLY, which ensures that quality is always maintained and there is no risk of contamination from other sources. The tankers are also fully equipped with the necessary pump and hose machinery which makes loading directly into our customers' storage tanks a fast, efficient and clean process. Every load delivered is affixed with numbered security seals for quality assurance.

To meet the increasing demand of Molasses , our appointed transport agent is currently expanding its fleet of tankers dedicated to Molasses transport to ensure prompt delivery even during high order period.

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